The Last of Us Part 2: Nora Character, gameplay and more details

Nora in The Last of Us Part II Gameplay Footage
Nora in The Last of Us Part II Gameplay Footage

The Last of Us is set for worldwide release on June 19, after numerous delays in development and the release date being pushed back multiple times. But now, Naughty Dog has confirmed that the game is in the Gold stage, meaning the discs have gone to print.

Sony hosted its latest State of Play with The Last of Us Part II being the focus, with Neil Druckmann, game director, offering commentary about new gameplay and story elements.

Details from the Last of Us 2 State of Play and Gameplay

Neil Druckmann began the State of Play by confirming the Timeline of the game and that Ellie is now 19 years old, meaning the game is set 5 years after events of the first game.

He added that Joel and Ellie have resorted to living in Jackson, Wyoming where Tommy (Joel's brother) and his wife Maria have built a self-sustaining community of survivors.


He explained that Ellie begins down a path of revenge after a traumatizing event that is yet to be revealed happens back in Jackson, Wyoming. This journey will take her through different settings and climates, from the lush Pacific North-west to the snow-capped mountains in Wyoming.

Who is Nora in The Last of Us Part 2?

The brand new 10-minute gameplay revealed several key points about Last of Us II and introduced a new character, possible villain in Nora.

"you know a girl named Nora?"
"you know a girl named Nora?"

The new gameplay kicks off with showing Ellie swimming through a dilapidated structure, which was new as Ellie could not swim in the first game. She appears from the water to hold up an NPC at knife point and asks if she knows about a girl named Nora.

The NPC tells her she's up in the hospital, after which Ellie dispatches her after the NPC tries attacking her. Then we follow Ellie as she dispatches multiple enemies using both Stealth and Loud combat.

She then proceeds to climb up and air vent and overhears a conversation mentioning another called "Isaac" and another male NPC talking to Nora. Ellie crawls through the air vent to get the drop on Nora and confronts her in the office.

Ellie confronting Nora and asks her if she remembers her.
Ellie confronting Nora and asks her if she remembers her.

While Nora doesn't look like a part of the same cult shown in the first 2 trailers, she could be part of the remaining Fireflies, judging by her somewhat military attire and the attire of her accomplices in the gameplay shown.

While this is purely speculation as not much detail has been given about this particular faction shown in the latest Last of Us gameplay. The question Ellie asks Nora at the end, "Do you Remember Me?" indicates that Nora and Ellie have had history.

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