The reason why Disguised Toast got banned from Twitch will blow your mind

Toast replaying the clip that got him banned (Image via YouTube)
Toast replaying the clip that got him banned (Image via YouTube)

It appears that Twitch has temporarily banned Disguised Toats for something that happened to him.

Disguised Toast, a well-known streamer on Twitch, recently got a temporary ban. He explained in a few tweets recently that he wasn’t too sure as to why he got this temporary ban in the first place. Of course, soon after looking into it himself, he came to the conclusion it might have been due to a recent stream in which he played a clip of someone verbally abusing him.

The whole ordeal is confusing as he didn't do anything “bad,” stirring up a lot of unfavorable tweets to Twitch for the unnecessary ban.

Toast’s Twitch Ban

The clip in question is a clip from over three years ago in which Toast was playing a PUBG game and another player began bashing on him in-game. This player began using a harsh homophobic “F” word slur as well as calling Toast several other names and slurs. Though the clip primarily uses a homophobic slur, more than anything else.

Due to the ban, other streamers and Twitter users began growing upset as the ban was universally deemed unnecessary by Twitch. To be clear, Toast was not committing anything wrong in his livestream, he was simply replaying a clip of himself. Though the slur words were extremely clear and harmful, Toast himself was not saying them. Twitch categorized the temporary ban as Unmoderated Harmful Content.

Twitch, of course, breaks down the entire issue, but users alike disagree with the temporary ban. Some even urged Toast to leave Twitch altogether for other platforms. Twitch has gained hate and other backlash throughout the years for unnecessary bans, pretty upsetting codes, and other regulations.

Unfortunately, Toasts is not the first to be on the receiving end of such issues and will most likely not be the last.

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