PUBG Mobile: Megastars sign exclusive live-streaming deal with Nimo TV

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Megastars is a tier-one Esports organisation that is currently competing in eSports like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Clash Royale and Clash of Clans.

Nimo TV released an official announcement that team Megastars has officially signed an exclusive live-streaming deal with them. The first telecast of Megastars' gameplay on Nimo TV will take place on 3rd July.

Megastars is India's one of the most prominent PUBG Mobile clans, and have qualified for PUBG Mobile World League East 2020. PMPL 2020 proved to be the key to success for Megastars. They made their individual record in PMPL 2020 by achieving 167 points overall, which consisted of 104 place points, 63 kills and one chicken dinner.

Before PMPL 2020, team Megastars has also participated in various competitions that include PUBG Mahayudh Season 1, PMPL SA, SkyEsports GrandSlam, Gamers without borders and OR Champion Cup. Megastars has an experienced roster, and its players are ready to take on the best teams from across the globe.

Megastars' exclusive deal with Nimo TV

This will be the first time when Megastars will feature on a live streaming platform.


3rd July: Team Megastars will host a gameplay show and organise a giveaway for the fans.

6th July: Fans will get a chance to play with players from Megastars. The show will feature two classic and two arcade matches.

7th July: Megastars will invite top eSports teams to play with them for a four match series on different maps. The winning team members will receive 180 UC each whereas the overall MVP will receive the exclusive PUBG Mobile Royale Pass.

Team Megastars have caught the attention of all the eSports enthusiasts with their exciting gameplay. They have a fascinating history and are on their way to becoming one of the best PUBG Mobile teams.

Edited by Utkarsh Rampal


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