Twitch and the controversy surrounding Dr Disrespect and Ice Poseidon

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More than 3 months since his permanent departure from Twitch, Dr Disrespect's expulsion still remains one of the most controversial bans ever issued in the gaming sphere. Joining Dr Disrespect now, is another controversial streamer - Ice Poseidon.

Paul "Ice Poseidon" Denino was an IRL streamer who got banned from Twitch back in 2017. It was only in June this year that Denino came forward with an open apology and statement to Twitch.

After being snubbed by Twitch, Dr Disrespect and Ice Poseidon chose other options

After his ban from Twitch, Ice Poseidon took his talents to a different streaming platform - Mixer. Although the community was skeptical of him in the beginning, Ice Poseidon did a fair job to win over his viewers with an improved outcome.

Many fans have come forward in his support, stating that he deserves a second chance for owning up to his mistakes, and in turn correcting them.

And as for Herschel "Guy" Beahm, a.k.a. Dr Disrespect, he chose to move back to YouTube after his ban from Twitch, which still remains a mystery after complete silence from the company on the matter.


The Doc marked his return to streaming with a bang as he broke Ninja's peak viewership with more than 334,000 people watching his intro.

He later went on to talk about his ban from Twitch with his viewers during a live stream in September. The Doc continues to say that he himself doesn't know the reason behind the ban, and that Twitch have kept mum on the matter at hand as well.


However, as both Dr. Disrespect and Ice Poseidon make their way away from Twitch and create their individual communities, the question that remains to be asked is can Twitch really afford to keep silent on the topic?

This being said, it remains to be seen what Twitch's response might be, if they choose to make one that is.

The fact that both the aforementioned streamers are doing well on their respective platforms is good news for the community, but the issue that seems to be looming on everyone's mind is the silence that is still being maintained by Twitch.