Twitch sex addiction lawsuit: All you need to know

(picture credits: the verge)
(picture credits: the verge)

The gaming community on Twitch or otherwise cannot complain about a lack of interesting things to talk about this past week. A rollercoaster ride that has seen Mixer shutting down operations, Dr DisRespect being banned on Twitch, and now a $25 Million lawsuit filed against Twitch.

2020 hasn't gotten off to a great start, but as we cross the halfway mark, it only seems to be getting crazier. Twitch has been a major fixture of the news coming out of the gaming community this week, and not necessarily for all the right reasons.

The Twitch community erupted when one of their most beloved streamers, Dr DisRespect, was banned from the platform without any information regarding as to what the reason is.

However, Twitch is again in the limelight, and this time it is a California resident who claims to have been severely damaged by Twitch, and the streamers on their platform.

What exactly is the $25 Million Twitch lawsuit about?

The lawsuit states that:

"Twitch has extremely exacerbated its condition by displaying many sexually suggestive women streamers through Twitch's twisted programming and net code making it nearly impossible for the plaintiff to use Twitch without being exposed to such sexual suggestive content."

Erik Estavillo, the plaintiff of this lawsuit, claims to have caused himself harm, and Twitch is responsible for 'exposing him' to hurt himself.

According to the court papers, Estavillo is a sex addict who "heavily relies on the internet" for entertainment, and his condition has been worsened by Twitch during the pandemic.

He also further goes on to explain how Twitch doesn't allow users to filter streamers based on gender, and how that affects him adversely.

The court papers state that he has to scour through "thumbnails showing these scantily clad women, alongside men".

A Twich spokesperson had this to say regarding the lawsuit. They state that the lawsuit is "frivolous and has absolutely no merit."

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