Twitch announces new verification method to tackle online grooming and predatory accounts

Twitch taking measures to prevent grooming (Image via twitch)
Twitch taking measures to prevent grooming (Image via Twitch)

Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch has announced that it will be taking strict measures to prevent grooming and online s*xual abuse of children. For many years, this has been an issue that has plagued the internet. The purple platform has now decided to improve its security and safety measures to fortify the platform from dangerous and toxic accounts.

Over the past few years, Twitch has had several incidents involving predatory accounts. There have been numerous such occurrences where the platform's safety measures have been breached.


To stop this issue from gaining ground, the purple platform has announced that they will be introducing "mandatory phone verification requirements" to prevent users with inaccurate age information from going live on the platform.

"There is no single fix to prevent predation" - Twitch jots down several points of inferences to prevent child grooming and online s*xual abuse

Twitch has a strict policy that prevents children under the age of 13 from streaming on the platform. To double down on this policy, it has introduced newer methods and stringent plans. Regarding these steps, the Amazon-owned platform stated:

"There is no single fix to prevent predation. The work requires constant iteration across many parts of Twitch, including the human, technological, and industry levers available."

The first among the many steps that the platform is taking is blocking accounts that were previously suspended for providing false age information. The official website states that the platform plans to:

"Terminate accounts belonging to users under 13, as well as to block users previously suspended for being under 13 from creating new accounts."

Furthermore, it has also introduced a "mandatory phone verification requirement" for all users, which is aimed at preventing streamers under the age of 13 from going live. Continuing on this subject, it also stated that the platform will look to take quick action to avoid any vulnerable accounts from going live.

The official website also revealed that certain "terms" will also be banned from the platform:

"We’ve updated default privacy settings for our direct messaging feature Whispers and blocked the ability to use certain search terms or phrases to find content..."

Additionally, the platform has revealed that it will seek aid from Spirit AI to assist in detecting harmful accounts:

"Recently, we completed the months-long process of acquiring Spirit AI, an industry leader in AI for language processing who will support us in building more nuanced classifiers for detecting harms of all kinds in written text on Twitch."

In general, the streaming platform has focused on safeguarding the security of its users. With the advent of these new measures and policies, the organization is looking to assess and remove all harmful accounts.

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