Twitter reacts as Microsoft buys out Bethesda

Image Credit: Xbox
Image Credit: Xbox
Modified 21 Sep 2020

In a massive move from Microsoft and Xbox, the company has acquired Bethesda as their own game studio in an incredible $7.5 billion deal. After the delay of one of Microsoft's most important first-party games, Halo Infinite, the deal was made to boost Xbox.

The news came from Bloomberg in a huge news break. According to them, this is the most expensive gaming deal in Microsoft's history, and is far more expensive than the deal they made for Mojang. The deal itself is officially for Zenimax Media Inc. and all that the parent company encompasses for developers and intellectual property.

Twitter reacts as Microsoft buys out Bethesda

There has been a ton of attention on the new deal and the gaming sphere on Twitter has had a lot to say. Mike Ybarra, the EVP at Blizzard Entertainment, tweeted out:

Many of the reactions have followed suit. There is a general excitement to see what a huge company like Microsoft can do with Bethesda, and so many subsequent developing studios.

Tom Warren from The Verge tweeted out some of the games that will now be hitting Xbox games pass, and continues that trend of excitement for the announcement.

However, on the other side of the excitement is a lot of skepticism towards the new acquisition. Xbox and Microsoft owning Bethesda means that they have the right to make all their games exclusive to whatever platform they desire. They could make Bethesda games exclusive to Xbox game pass; Bethesda games could go to PC and Xbox; or they could be on all platforms.

At the end of the day though, that is up to Microsoft. Some Twitter users voiced their opinion and reactions on the topic. Team Spooky tweeted:

At the moment, it's hard to tell what might happen to the exclusives on either platform for Bethesda. It's clear that for once, Sony fans are on the receiving end of the possibility of missing a ton of great exclusives. People who aren't necessarily Sony fans still believe in some cases that Microsoft could bring down the company in general due to past practices.

Overall, it looks like Microsoft might be bring a lot to the table, though. A tweet from Marty Sliva really sums it all up:

There is a lot of possibility with the new deal in the gaming industry. Titles that were already confirmed to be PlayStation exclusives will still be honored by Microsoft and Bethesda. The thought of a Fallout: New Vegas 2 is also sure to bring a lot of buzz.

Published 21 Sep 2020
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