What medical condition does Corpse Husband have?

Corpse Husband suffers from multiple medical conditions.
Corpse Husband suffers from multiple medical conditions.

It is always surprising to find out that a notable content creator has been able to do all they have despite chronic physical ailments.

Corpse Husband has seen a huge increase in popularity over the past few months. He recently hit the five million subscriber mark on YouTube and has still managed to maintain a sense of mysticism about his personality.

However, various sources including Corpse Husband himself have in the past revealed information about the medical conditions that he suffers from. A burgeoning fan community also means that more and more people look turn to the internet to ask about his medical condition.

In this article, we look at all the medical conditions that Corpse Husband has been rumored to have over the course of his career.

Corpse Husband medical condition: What ailments does he suffer from?

In the past, Corpse Husband has taken to Twitter multiple times to talk about health-related issues. As can be seen in the post below, Corpse Husband was complaining about nerve pain and “chronic illness symptoms” back in June 2020. He also mentioned that he does not want to go out for treatment because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

It is no secret that Corpse Husband has various anxiety issues. In an interview with YouTuber Anthony Pedilla, Corpse Husband had talked about his anxiety-related problems.

"I have like very bad anxiety. I never leave my house, I feel like I had other issues prior, but if definitely made it more logical in my head despite probably being irrational," he said.

In recent streams, Corpse Husband had also revealed that he has been battling with a chronic eye condition for quite some time. While not much is known about his eye condition, Corpse had in a separate stream claimed that he also suffers from light sensitivity. This causes his eyes to hurt and become bloodshot if he looks at a screen for a long time. He had revealed that he had been wearing an eye patch because of the condition “for weeks.”

Corpse Husband has also revealed in the past that he suffers from other conditions such as fibromyalgia and gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD.

These chronic illnesses mean that Corpse Husband probably experiences symptoms such as chronic pain and tiredness. While this is not confirmed, it might be the reason he sometimes does not leave his house “for weeks.”