xQc, Shroud, Sykkuno, Sodapoppin and others to kick off the NoPixel 3.0 GTA RP Server

One of the most popular variety streamers on the internet (Image Via Gamerant)
One of the most popular variety streamers on the internet (Image Via Gamerant)

The release of GTA's NoPixel 3.0 server is just around the corner, but the notorious variety streamer, xQc, has already spilled the beans regarding the streamers that will partake in the RP server.

xQc, during his February 1st live stream, revealed a list of players that will dive into the RP server as soon as it goes live.

No Pixel is without question GTA's biggest RP server, which thanks to the recent update, will undergo massive changes, exposing everyone to an experience that is unexampled.

Apart from himself, xQc revealed a list of some heavyweights like Shroud, Sykkuno, Ludwig, Sodapoppin, and Forsen among others. Additionally, xQc was quick to respond to viewers calling his stream a "potential leak."

"Guys, it’s not a leak. Yeah, I’m invited, I’m in it right now.“Garrett, Moist, Blastoise, Forsen is here."

Will the fans witness another episode of Shroud vs xQc?

2020 saw the revival of some pretty old titles that were falling flat like a lead balloon. Content creators played a massive role in facilitating the revival of InnerSloth's Among Us, which ended up breaking several records.

In addition, Rust (which originally came out in 2013) also broke several records and ended 2020 on a pretty extravagant note.

From the looks of it, 2021 is also following a similar pattern. The Rust server saw a drastic decline after the xQc debacle. There was a split in the server following his fallout with several other streamers.

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Since then, there has been a drastic decline in the hype over the Rust server. GTA is hands down one of the biggest franchises to enter the gaming fraternity.

The aforementioned list of streamers will undoubtedly attract a lot of attention to the NoPixel server.

Shroud announced recently that he had taken a hiatus from the Rust server to prepare for the reset.

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However, he also stated that the new GTA server will cause a lot of problems for the new update of OfflineTV's Rust server, which is set to come out around the same time.

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