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Pokimane gives her views on "toxic" online hate

YouTube Image Via Pokimane
YouTube Image Via Pokimane
Modified 19 Jan 2021

In a recent highlight video, Imane "Pokimane" Anys addressed some of the different forms of online hate and toxicity that she faces daily. Pokimane pointed out what one of her viewers said in chat within the first clip.

"I saw someone in chat saying you don't deserve the views, xQc for life. That sentence in caps."

After relaying what she has been seeing, Pokimane gave her opinion on viewers sending messages like that, and the intentions behind them.

"I feel like some viewers I've noticed don't realize that you can like someone without disliking others for that person. And I also, that I feel it's kind of toxic to mask your simple distaste for someone in support of others."

Pokimane explained what she means by that, and used clearly saying someone likes on person over another as an example.

She said that the only reason viewers are sending messages like that are because they "secretly just hate the other person, and they want to intentionally compare them to make them feel like shit."

Pokimane then went on to say that instead of viewers beating around the bush, she'd rather they just flat out say they don't like her or that they like another streamer more.

Pokimane credited her experiences in High School, or how she's grown since then, for why she tries to educate her chat and calls out online toxicity.


Pokimane calls out online toxicity in other clips within the video

YouTube Image Via poki highlights
YouTube Image Via poki highlights

In a subsequent clip of the highlight video, Pokimane addressed further online toxicity based on what she sees as aggressive behavior in the community.

"I hate this very aggressive approach that is often taken online because, in reality, human beings don't tend to respond to aggressiveness that well. They tend to end up being defensive and doing the opposite of what you want anyway."

Pokimane's approach of educating the chat and viewers is in hope of toning down any toxicity that she experiences, even if it's only to a small degree.

So far, her approach to educate and open conversations seems to be going well for a majority of her community. But of course, not everyone will be nice.

Published 17 Jan 2021, 02:12 IST
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