Neymar Jr has been banned on Twitch - Twitter responds with memes

Image via Twitch
Image via Twitch

Amidst a slew of vicious DMCA takedowns occurring on Twitch, Brazilian ace Neymar Jr has now become the latest to be banned on the Amazon-owned platform.

The 28-year old PSG striker was recently banned on Twitch, and just like other dubious bans, no official reason has been provided yet.

Of late, Twitch has become notorious for handing out questionable bans by the dozen, and now, one of the biggest celebrities on the planet has recently been issued an unsavory ban.

The most likely reason behind Neymar's recent Twitch ban seems to be a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) strike on his channel.

While this is just an assumption at the moment, it is highly likely that Neymar was indeed banned due to the relentless and unforgiving DMCA hammer, which has now come down on one of the most popular names on the planet.

Why was Neymar Jr banned on Twitch?

Of late, Twitch seems to be operating under the guise of a ruthless dictator, courtesy of their proclivity towards issuing stringent bans on streamers, big or small.

From accusations of toxicity being leveled against them to slapping questionable bans upon big streamers, Twitch has left the streaming community increasingly agitated with their authoritative monopoly.

The DMCA wave recently ended up submerging several streamers, who were either banned from the platform or were forced to delete years of VOD's and content. While DMCA constitutes a federal law and is known to be an extremely stringent one, it is Twitch's manner of approach, which has irked the streaming community at large.

From issuing takedown notices out of the blue to reportedly backing up clips after deletion, Twitch continues to find itself on the warpath of agitated streamers.

With Neymar Jr's recent ban, it just goes to show that no matter how big the name, Twitch's authoritarian policies will inadvertently come calling some time sooner or later.

Another reason why Neymar could have been banned on Twitch stems from a recent incident where he ended up revealing his Brazilian teammate and Everton striker, Richarlison's phone number during a live stream.

Revealing personal information such as phone numbers and addresses are an infringement of Twitchโ€™s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, which can invite suspensions and even a permanent ban.

This incident reportedly took place back in October, and even Richarlison ended up jokingly tweeting about Neymar's gaffe:

As the speculation continues to thrive, check out some of the reactions online, as fans responded to Neymar's Twitch ban with some hilarious memes and quips of their own:

As the memes continue to come in thick and fast, fans can only hope that Neymar's Twitch ban is revoked soon enough so that the Brazilian superstar can continue to entertain fans off the pitch.

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