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Nintendo News: Xbox Live added to Nintendo Switch and other devices

Greg Bush
119   //    05 Feb 2019, 08:59 IST

We're one step closer to the next breakthrough in gaming
We're one step closer to the next breakthrough in gaming

Recently, we've seen the idea of cross-platform play branch out into a legitimate option for various games. So far, Fortnite and Rocket League have been the biggest titles to be given full cross-platform support through PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, which is understandable considering the massive fanbases those two titles hold.

It seems that Microsoft has taken another step further into cross-platform software, as they're working on bringing Xbox Live to mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch.

Eurogamer's Tom Phillips broke the story earlier today after Microsoft revealed their conference schedule for GDC 2019. Microsoft will allow mobile or Switch users to check achievements, game history, and more through the app.

Get a first look at the SDK to enable developers to connect players between iOS, Android, and Switch in addition to Xbox and any game in the Microsoft Store on Windows PCs.

For now, though, this doesn't mean you'll be able to play Xbox games on the Switch or any future Nintendo consoles. However, it is a step in an interesting direction regarding cross-platform play. For now, it could at least help with earning achievements through titles that are found on Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo, even if they don't have that cross-platform ability yet.

For completionists who just want to pad down their profiles, this would make it easier to collect trophies and achievements throughout multiple games without having to play through them on separate consoles. However, the big news here is the potential of what this all means.

From this alone, there's a very real possibility that we could be playing Halo on a non-Xbox device in the not too distant future. And that is something to truly be excited about, even if it's going to take a few years to get there. Not to mention, one of the biggest gripes many have had with Nintendo has been their lack of access to third-party titles. And while that's definitely changed with the Switch, it's still a legitimate complaint that could be solved with the help of Xbox and Microsoft.

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