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Nintendo NX could come sans a disk drive

Nintendo NX could come sans a disk drive.

News 25 Aug 2015, 15:41 IST
Big things are expected from Nintendo’s next release – the NX

The impending release of Nintendo’s next big device – the NX has surely captured the attention of fans around the world, so it’s natural for rumours about the device to float around, one of them being that the console will lack a disc drive.

The rumour was fuelled after the US Patent & Trademark website stated that Nintendo filed an application for the patenting of a device that doesn’t need an optical disc drive. 

The device will contain an internal hard drive which is not uncommon with the devices of today, but what really raised eyebrows was the line “example system is not provided with an optical disk drive for reading out a program and/or data from an optical disk.”

This development is really interesting and could just as well be true, as Nintendo previously declared their intention to release an all-digital console in order to compete with the rising number of mobile games, which have eaten into Nintendo’s market share.

The idea of a major console with an optical disc drive seems almost ridiculous, but if there’s anyone who can create marvels with electronic it’s the Japanese, so sit back and prepare to have your mind blown.

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