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Nintendo NX can be pre-ordered now at EB Games

Nintendo NX can be pre-ordered now at EB Games

News 20 Mar 2015, 12:21 IST
Nintendo CEO, Satoru Iwata

EB Games have now said that you can pre-order the Nintendo NX.

According to the Facebook announcement by EB Games Australia“Nintendo have confirmed they’re developing a dedicated gaming platform with the codename NX! They’ve said more info will come next year. The NX is now available for preorder instore.”

Nobody knows if the NX will be a successor to Wii U or 3DS as details are very scarce at the moment. Further, Nintendo has made it clear that they will not be revealing any news about the NX till next year. So, don’t expect anything till 2016.

It is strange that EB Games Australia is letting people pre-order the Nintendo NX now. We are not even sure whether “NX” is its official name. No price has been mentioned nor a release date has been announced obviously.

If you are living in Australia, are you going to order the Nintendo NX already? If you are not in Australia then please do let us know if there are retailers like EB Games Australia who are accepting pre-orders.

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