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Nintendo Switch News: Samurai Warrior 4 DX is coming to Nintendo Switch

127   //    03 Dec 2018, 22:09 IST

Koei Tecmo
Koei Tecmo

Koei Tecmo, most notably known by western fans for its 2017's hardcore action RPG Nioh, are releasing their 2014's action hack and slash game Samurai Warrior 4 known as Samurai Warrior 4 DX on the Nintendo Switch in 2019.

This DX edition along with coming to Nintendo's device will also be re-released on PS4 as this edition is supposedly the complete edition of the game, meaning it contains the 150 pieces of DLC previously released which contains costumes, weapons, customisation parts, scenario, background score, etc.

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There is no confirmed release date for the west, although people in Japan can get the game on 14th March 2019. The standard edition of the game costs 5,800 yen.

But if you want more from this game, you can order the Samurai Warriors 4 DX 15th Anniversary Box which costs 14,800 yen.

If you're doubtful about this version then be sure that it contains a lot of stuff which are-

#1.A copy of Samurai Warriors 4 DX for PlayStation 4 or Switch.

#2.64-page art book

#3.Soundtrack and music video set including four CDs featuring background music from the Samurai Warriors series, and four DVDs featuring music videos that mix event scenes with background music from each title, all housed in a special case


#4.144-card postcard set featuring illustrations used for “Treasure Box” editions of previous Samurai Warriors titles

Now the price seems fair eh?

For those unaware of the background , you can read more about it here. Here's an excerpt from the same:

"Story of Samurai Warriors 4 is centered on the Sengoku period of Japan, a period of much military conflict and political warfare where Japan was divided between regions ruled by daimyōs that lasted from the middle of the 16th century to the early 17th century. The events depicted, however, are romanticized, and may or may not be factual; for example, Nobuyuki Sanada and his brother, Yukimura, are shown to participate in the Battle of Kawanakajima, even though both of them were not yet been born at that time. Many figures with little relevancy to the period, particularly the female figures who for the most part did not participate in any of the battles, have larger roles; Koshōshō, notable for being Motochika Chōsokabe's concubine in real life, becomes his primary rival in his conquest of Shikoku and is the representative of the Miyoshi clan in-game. Unlike the previous games there are no hypothetical routes, as a result the fates of the characters are played out as history stated."

The game received generally positive reviews on its release and has a Metacritic score of 76/100.

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