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Noble India ceases operations on account of unpaid salaries 

 (Image via Noble Esports)
(Image via Noble Esports)
Satyaki Das
Modified 13 Feb 2021

Operations at Noble India have been terminated due to non-payment of salaries to the management and players from the organization.

Anshuman Dash, Operations Head for Noble India, addressed the issue on Instagram today. He announced that the management team of Noble India and the Mobile esports roster are no longer associated with Noble Esports.

Noble India
Noble India's Operation head Anshuman Dash's Instagram today.

This isn't the first time that Noble India has faced such issues. Last year, the North American organization entered the gaming scene in India with its Valorant roster. It was later disbanded due to internal disputes.

Players and management of Noble India had to clear the rent with their personal funds

Anshuman Dash started off as Operations Head of South Asia. He was later assigned to head the India operations. Things have gone downhill ever since.

Speaking to Sportskeeda about the issue, Anshuman Dash highlighted the negligence that the organization had towards the Indian sector.

"The players and the management tried to contact the owner several times, however we received no response from the other side. We mailed, tried calling, Whatsapped him, but no result at all," he said.

Even the Free Fire roster was left without any goals. The players even went to the extent of not wanting any salary. They just wanted some funds to get things started.

"They had no representatives to set up the things in India. We were not supported financially at all. The Free Fire roster achieved so much, yet they received no salaries or any proper response to their queires," he added.

The players and management bore the total expenditure in the Bootcamp from their own personal funds. With around 12 months of stay, only two months were paid for and the rest was left unclear.

"We had to resell the devices and assests that were provided us from the org, because we were running out of resources. With this money, we could pay off the salaries of the editors and artists for few months. Even they eventually understood our situation and agreed to adjust."

Dash mentioned that this has been a prevailing issue since the start of the year. On the working of the operations, Dash said the following:

"Other international organisations are not to be blamed. Those organisations have a specific person for every department. Starting from the finances, accounts, etc. However, things at Noble seemed very different. There was only one person who addressed the queries, and even he turned their back against us, without a single response. We did not even have the money for food, and asked for help."

Dash stated that the organization had no idea about the work and situation in Noble India. It was as if they were not interested at all. Upon asking if Dash would agree to continue his career at Noble if all the disputes were cleared, he said the following:

"Nope, I won't accept anymore. Because for me Noble was everything. Even at that time another international organisation was supposed to enter India, and they had approached me. But I did not accept their offer as I felt comfortable here in Noble. I knew the owner well and he seemed good. Thus, we did not focus on the monetary part then."

Anshuman Dash looked downcast at how things have turned for the worse in just a year. He wants the salaries of the players and the management to be paid as soon as possible, and does not plan to rejoin.

Such negligence from a huge organization will discourage upcoming esports enthusiasts in India. With the esports scene gradually growing in the country, it needs more responsible and well planned organisations.

Published 13 Feb 2021, 22:55 IST
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