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Opinion: Top 3 reasons why Fortnite Mobile can never beat PUBG Mobile in India


Fortnite Mobile vs PUBG Mobile
Fortnite Mobile vs PUBG Mobile

The rivalry is real between the developers of PUBG and Fortnite and this rivalry has even touched to their mobile version of these games. The scene of popularity for these two games is different in different countries. However, in India PUBG Mobile is much more popular than Fortnite mobile and it is expected that Fortnite mobile can never beat PUBG Mobile in India.

#1 Availability

Fortnite mobile is limited to some particular devices which makes the game out of reach for many of the people even if someone wants to play it. Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, has listed a set of devices on where this game is available only. On the other hand, PUBG Mobile is available in almost all the smartphones. Even if you are carrying a low-end smartphone, you can play the game by downloading the PUBG Mobile Lite version. So, this actually makes a big difference.

#2 Socialization

Socialization in India has a big role in online games. These games mainly gain popularity via people. People tend to play when their friends are playing the game. So, if a larger portion of the people is not able to play Fortnite Mobile and able to play PUBG Mobile then it is obvious that the people will be inclined towards PUBG Mobile. It has been seen that people like to play these types of games with the known people, mainly their friends, peers etc. So, even if someone has the access to Fortnite Mobile but his/her friends are playing PUBG Mobile then the person will have no choice other than switching to PUBG Mobile if the person wants to play with the friends.

#3 Store issue

People like simple things and this also leads to the overall popularity of anything. If you look at Fortnite Mobile, the game is not available in the Google Play Store or App Store and if you want to play it then you must have to get it from the Epic Games store only. On the other hand, PUBG Mobile is available in both Google Play store and App Store. So, this simplicity fo getting the games play a key role here.

These are the key reasons of popularity if you observe properly. The situation would have been just the opposite if you replace one with the other.

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