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Opinion: Why Mk14 is the most underrated gun in PUBG Mobile

  • The Mk14 is the most versatile and one of the most powerful guns in all of PUBG yet it doesn't get the attention it deserves.
Zohaib Ahmed
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 23:07 IST

The most versatile yet underrated gun
The most versatile yet underrated gun

In an intense game like PUBG Mobile, every second and damage point counts. Even the smallest difference in time and fire power, during intense fire fights can get you killed or get you a chicken dinner.

Hence it is important to know the stats and capabilities of every gun in order to exploit them to their full potential.


The Mk14 or Mark 14 is a supply drop weapon of the DMR class which is fed 7.62mm rounds.

Its damage is more than the SKS and SLR which makes it the most lethal DMR. It is unique for two reasons. One, that it is the only DMR capable of firing automatic rounds and two that it is the only gun that you can find lying in pre-looted drops, lonely and untouched.

How the Mk14 stacks up against rival guns (Image via Eurogamer)
How the Mk14 stacks up against rival guns (Image via Eurogamer)

A lot of people simply overlook this weapon due to its high recoil. What they don't realize is that they're missing out...a lot. Even when they do use it, they're unable to use it to it's full potential.

The Mk14 is basically an SLR with an auto mode. With its 61 damage, it carves its own niche between the SKS and Kar98K with 53 and 75 damages respectively. What the SKS and Kar98K don't have though is full auto mode which makes the Mk an absolute beast.


The Mark 14 is capable of shooting down an enemy in around five bullets only. This makes it very lethal in close to mid-range combat in auto mode. Think of it as an M416 with a much higher damage.

Don't forget, however, to stick in an extended mag because the Mk only holds a maximum of 10 bullets. The extended mag doubles it to 20. Another strong point of this weapon is its bullet speed.


On long range shots, the bullet travels straight and fast. There's very little bullet drop. The gun supports scopes upto 8x which makes it an efficient sniper when switched to single fire mode.

Switch it to automatic mode and the Mk14 is also extremely effective against a vehicle charging at you.

This weapon is capable of destroying a small vehicle in less than a full clip and a larger vehicle in a clip and a half. So much for wiping out an entire squad in a vehicle at once!

Recoil control

But all this power comes at a cost as the Mk14's high recoil and less stability can make it a deal breaker for some. This however can largely be brought under control by attachments such as cheek pads and compensators.

Sniper compensator and cheek pad when combined, reduce vertical recoil and increase stability to a large extent. The gun also comes with a bipod stand which means improved stability when at a prone stance.

The Mk14 is inarguably the most versatile weapon in all of PUBG, capable of not only being used as a sniper, but as a fully functional assault rifle as well. It truly deserves our attention.

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Published 20 May 2019, 05:26 IST
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