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Path of Exile News: Dungeon Crawler's Synthesis expansion goes live; what to expect

  • Several intelligence based skill gems will make you want to roll a new Witch or Templar.
Greg Bush
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 22:01 IST

Spellcasters certainly got a huge buff coming into PoE
Spellcasters certainly got a huge buff coming into PoE's latest patch

Path of Exile is one of the best online action-adventure RPGs around. Featuring a pretty intense story, forcing players into the role of an exile washed up on the shores of Wraeclast, a cursed continent that serves primarily as a life sentence for criminals. Today, the game has released a major patch. Grinding Gear Games brought PoE players Content Update 3.6.0, also titled Synthesis.

The latest content drop in the free-to-play game includes character balancing, reworks and tweaking of various skill gems, and brand new content, including skill gems, music, unique items, and more hideouts to be unlocked throughout gameplay.

Below is a list of several skill gems added in Path of Exile's Synthesis update:

New Skill Gems:

  • Purifying Flame (Int/Str) - Wave of fire moves outward from the caster in a line, creates Consecrated Ground and deals AOE damage in the target location.
  • Soulrend (Int) - Releases a projectile that homes in on and passes through enemies, dealing chaos damage to each and leaching a portion of that damage as Energy Shield for the caster. Also applies a DOT.
  • Bane (Int) - Applies Chaos debuff and links curses to enemies in an area. Deals more damage and lasts longer for each curse linked.
  • Wave of Conviction (Int/Str) - Sends out a wave of energy in a cone dealing physical, fire and lightning damage to enemies, applying a debuff lowering enemy resistance to whatever element dealt the most damage.
  • Zealotry (Int) - Aura that grants you and your allies more spell damage and critical strike chance with spells.
  • Divine Ire (Int/Str) - Channel a beam of destructive energy, which can be built up by charging, dealing more damage per stage. Also damages enemies around you while charging.
  • Malevolence (Int) - Aura that increases skill duration and gives you and your allies more damage over time.
  • Energy Leech Support (Int) - Supported skills deal increased damage while you have full energy shield and leach a portion of damage to the shield.
  • Intensify Support (Int)- Supported skills have less AOE but deal more damage per Intensity.
  • Unleash Support (Int) - Supported skills gain seals over time, and are unsealed when cast, causing their effects to reoccur for each seal lost.

For veterans of Path of Exile, you may have noticed the introduction of Energy Shield Leech. You can now build around skills and buffs that will leach to your energy shield, increasing your survivability.

If you'd like to see the rest of the patch notes, you can check them out on their forum here.

Published 13 Mar 2019, 07:02 IST
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