PlayStation5 Price leaked: PS5 expected Price in India 


In the PlayStation: The Future of Gaming event that took place a few days ago, Sony revealed their PS5 hardware where we finally got a look at the next-generation console from Sony.

We all know the rivalry between Xbox and PlayStation fans. PlayStation fans were getting a bit jittery as Xbox had showcased their next generation of consoles and some of the titles set to arrive on Xbox Scarlett.

Expected PS5 Price in India

The PS5 price was leaked on Twitter hours ago. The leak suggests that Sony's next-generation console will cost around $ 699, which is quite a hefty amount. The leak was made in response to a listing on Play Asia.

PlayStation has not officially confirmed the PS5 price in India. The listed PS5 model on Play Asia was the one with a 4K blu-ray disk drive.

If the listing is somewhat correct, you can expect the PS5 digital edition to cost around $ 600. We think that PS5 will not cost around $ 699 . Its price tag is expected to be between $ 500 to 600 for the base model and $ 50 to 100 less for the all-digital version.

What would be the cost of PS5 in India?

In India, PlayStation comes under luxury items. The Indian government levies 28% tax on luxury items. So, if we go with the leaked price for PS5, the console will cost around $ 894.72, which is equivalent to INR 67,960.25.

The PS5 base model will cost around INR 67K while the digital version will cost about INR 10K less. We think the price of PS5 base model in India would be around INR 50K to 60K at most.

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