PlayStation Plus: Free games for February 2019

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

If you've been using PlayStation Plus to get free games on your PlayStation 3 or Vita, February is going to be a bittersweet month for you. While this month's offerings are pretty spectacular, they'll also be the last free games you'll be able to get for the platforms. PS4 owning members, however, are getting an extra bonus in its wake, however. But we'll get to that in a minute - first, the games!

Starting on February 5th, PS4 gamers will get to add Hitman: The Complete First Season to their library. This collection of episodic games that successfully revitalized this stealth title also includes some bonus content, as well. Also, if you already own Hitman 2, downloading the first game via PS Plus acts the same as buying the Legacy Pack for the sequel. So that's a saving.

A couple of weeks later, members will be able to snag the core version of Ubisoft's medieval slugfest For Honor - although any additional content to the game will have to be purchased separately.

It's worth noting that, much like last month's offering, Steep (which can still be downloaded as of this posting), both games are also available for download with a subscription to Sony's PlayStation Now game service. So, if you've already played those via that, you'd got them in your library.

PlayStation 3 owning members will be able to finally get their hands on a game that was previously disc-only - Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. While not the last game in the storied franchise, it is the last to feature Solid Snake and is an epic, if flawed, ending to the story of one of gaming's most iconic characters.

Also available: Divekick (PS3 and Vita), Gunhouse (PS4 and Vita), and Rogue Aces (PS4 and Vita). Note that as these are the final offerings for both PS3 and Vita, they will be available to download for a few extra days - until March 8th, so get them while you can. Also, while they'll only be around to add to your library until March 8th, once you do, you will always have access to them as long as you have a current PS Plus membership.

Finally, in exchange for losing the free PS3 and Vita titles, Sony is bumping up the PS4 cloud storage from 10GB to 100GB. So, you pretty much never have to worry about losing your save files ever again.

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