PMAS 2019 Grand Finals: Entity Gaming wins Game 8, Fnatic finishes at fifth

Fnatic is leading the overall standings after Game 8
Fnatic is leading the overall standings after Game 8

PMAS 2019 Grand Finals is currently taking place at HICC, Hyderabad. The eighth match of Day 2 from the Grand Finals took place inside the Erangel map from first-person perspective. The first playzone in the game formed exactly on the center of the map and almost every high priority location such as School, Pohcinki and Yasnaya were inside the zone.

Entity Gaming wins Game 8
Entity Gaming wins Game 8

Early Game

ETG.Brawlers woes continued in Game 8 as the team was caught between Team Insane and Godlike. It was pretty much a lose-lose situation for ETG.Brawlers as they had nowhere to run. In the end with the help of Team Insane, Godlike rushed on ETG.Brawlers deleting their entire team from the map.

Mid Game

Team Insane and SynerGE were battling it out in a ridge when Entity Gaming joined the combat, making it a triple threat. As both Team Insane and SynerGE members were low on health from the previous fights, Entity Gaming was able to secure three easily kills. Team IND had a height advantage but could not capitalize on it as they got wiped out by Fnatic and Entity Gaming.

Late Game

It felt like the game was in Entity Gaming's Bag when they made it to the end with four members remaining while every other team was at a man disadvantage. However, God's Reign's ItsKK displayed a phenomenal use of BRDM eliminating two members of Entity Gaming with the big vehicle. The game was very close but in the end, it was Entity Gaming that came victorious after Neyo clutched a 1 vs 2 situation against God's Reign.

PMAS 2019 Grand Finals Game 8 MVP
PMAS 2019 Grand Finals Game 8 MVP

Match 8 Standings

  1. Entity Gaming - 12 kills and 32 points
  2. God's Reign - 9 kills and 23 points
  3. Zero Degree - 8 kills and 18 points

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