PMAS 2019 Grand Finals: Fnatic wins Game 6, 8-Bit finishes at #4

Fnatic is leading the overall standings after Game 6
Fnatic is leading the overall standings after Game 6

PMAS 2019 Grand Finals is happening at HICC, Hyderabad. The sixth match of Day 2 from the Grand Finals took place in the Erangel map from a third-person perspective. The first playzone formed on the west side of the map and it covered priority locations such as Hospital, Georgopol, and Quarry.

Fnatic wins Game 6
Fnatic wins Game 6

Early Game

Entity Gaming tried to pin down Team INS by constantly using Grenades and Molotovs on them. Initially, Entity Gaming succeeded as they managed to knockdown INS's JoKer. However, INS's Xzist played brilliantly to defend his team from the incoming barrage as he single-handedly eliminated two members of Entity Gaming. INS came victorious while Entity Gaming got wiped out completely.

Mid Game

Team IND rushed into a house where 8bit were already camping. A full-on brawl broke out between the two squads and both the teams traded bullets. However, Orange Rock members, who were just around the corner, also joined the battle and all three teams caused an absolute blood-bath. Team IND wiped out the 8bit squad and later, they were finished by the incoming Orange Rock team.

End Game

Two members of ETG.Brawlers who were on a vehicle tried to rush inside the zone. However, Fnatic's Sangwan took down both members, making his team's path to Chicken Dinner way quite easy. Fnatic then attacked the Orange Rock team that was camping inside a house and successfully managed to wipe them out. Fnatic then eliminated Mayhem's Cloak to secure their second Chicken Dinner of the tournament.

PMAS 2019 Grand Finals Game 6 MVP
PMAS 2019 Grand Finals Game 6 MVP

Match 6 Standings

  1. Fnatic- 9 kills and 29 points
  2. Mayhem- 5 kills and 19 points
  3. Orange Rock- 6 kills and 16 points

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Edited by Shruti Sadbhav
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