PMAS 2019 Grand Finals: Mayhem wins Game 7, Team IND finishes second

Mayhem is leading the overall standings after Game 7
Mayhem is leading the overall standings after Game 7

PMAS 2019 Grand Finals is happening at HICC, Hyderabad. The seventh match of Day 2 from the Grand Finals featured the Erangel map from a first-person perspective. The first playzone in the game formed on the east side of the map and it circled priority locations such as Rozhok, School, and Ruins.

Mayhem wins Game 7
Mayhem wins Game 7

Early Game

Entity Gaming's Ghatak initially knocked out ZED's PaansingH which allowed his team to rush on the ZED squad. Neyo and ZGod without wasting any time attacked the vulnerable ZED members and managed to wipe out their entire team.

Mid Game

Fnatic members riding high on spirits from the last game, charged on INS and even though they knocked down one member of INS, they couldn’t push further as both Ronak and Owais got picked off on the side. Fnatic quickly retaliated from the scene but INS took advantage of the situation and pushed the Fnatic squad to a house where they easily killed the remaining member of Fnatic.

Late Game

Mayhem, Team IND, and SynerGE with 2 members each made it towards the end of the game. Team IND and SynerGE fought a close fight while Mayhem silently waited in one corner, looking for the perfect opportunity. Mayhem struck when both Team IND and SynerGE members were low on health setting themselves up for the second Chicken Dinner of the tournament.

PMAS 2019 Grand Finals Game 7 MVP
PMAS 2019 Grand Finals Game 7 MVP

Match 7 Standings

  1. Mayhem - 4 kills and 24 points
  2. Team IND - 6 kills and 20 points
  3. SynerGE - 6 kills and 16 points

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Edited by Raunak J
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