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PMAS 2019 Grand Finals: Team Insane wins Game 2, Fnatic finishes #2

Fnatic is leading the overall standings after Game 2
Fnatic is leading the overall standings after Game 2
Modified 21 Dec 2019

PMAS 2019 Grand Finals is happening at HICC, Hyderabad. The second match of Day 1 from the Grand Finals took place on the Sanhok map from a third-person perspective. The flight path for the match stretched from Camp Charlie to Mongnai of the map and the first play-zone formed in the center of the map bounded by locations such as Camp Alpha, Ha Tinh, and Bootcamp.

Team Insane wins Game 2
Team Insane wins Game 2

Early Game

ETG.Brawlers collided with Orange Rock very early in the game as both teams landed on Bootcamp. Orange Rock got the first blood by eliminating two members of ETG.Brawlers, however, ETG.Brawlers quickly punched back by knocking down two members of Orange Rock. It was a close fight but Fnatic, just like Game 1 played a party spoiler as they eliminated the vulnerable ETG.Brawlers and Orange Rock squad.

Mid Game

Gods Reign played exceptionally to wipe out the entire squad of Godlike. Unfortunately, God’s Reign was also eliminated shortly after that as 8bit flanked them from behind. Entity Gaming once again failed to impact the game as the PMCO regional finals winner was picked apart by Fnatic and SynerGE.

End Game

SynerGE with 3 members, Fnatic with 3 members and Team Insane with 4 members made it to the final circle of the game. SynerGE members found themselves sandwiched between Fnatic and Team Insane, resulting in their elimination. Team Insane with a man advantage was easily able to wipe out Fnatic and seal their first Chicken Dinner in the process.

PMAS 2019 Game 2 MVP
PMAS 2019 Game 2 MVP

Match 2 Standings

  1. Team Insane- 8 kills and 28 points
  2. Fnatic- 6 kills and 20 points
  3. SynerGE- 5 kills and 15 points
Published 21 Dec 2019, 20:18 IST
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