PMAS 2019 Grand Finals: Team Insane wins Game 9, Fnatic finishes third

Fnatic wins PMAS 2019
Fnatic wins PMAS 2019

PMAS 2019 Grand Finals is taking place at HICC, Hyderabad. The final match of day 2 from the Grand Finals featured the Erangel map from a first-person perspective. The first playzone in the game formed on the north-west side of the map and it circled priority locations such as Gatka, Georgopol, and Severny.

first playzone of the game
first playzone of the game

Early game

Fnatic's Owais eliminated 8-Bit's Sonic with a pistol to secure the first kill of the game. SynerGE's Seervi, who was traveling alone on a jeep, was picked off by Hydra's Fyzzer. The rest of SynerGE was far away from Seervi and they decided not to take the fight.

Mid game

Entity Gaming collided with Seven Seas, where Jonathan and Ghatak played exceptionally to eliminate three members of Seven Seas. Shortly after eliminating Seven Seas, Entity Gaming was attacked by God’s Reign and this time around it was Entity Gaming who faced elimination.

Late game

Team Insane made it to the final zone with four members in hand. Even though ETG.Brawlers racked up a huge number of kills, they couldn’t fight with Team Insane because of a two-man disadvantage. Fnatic’s Ash hid under the bridge for a long time trying to score placement points; however, Team Insane still won the Chicken Dinner after Ash died in the playzone.

Team Insane wins Game 9
Team Insane wins Game 9

Match 9 Standings

  1. Team Insane - 10 kills and 30 points
  2. ETG.Brawlers - 12 kills and 22 points
  3. Fnatic - 2 kills and 16 points

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Edited by S Chowdhury
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