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PMCO 2020 Day 1: Standings and Summary; Orange Rock tops the table

Modified 11 Feb 2020, 01:06 IST

Top 8 teams from Day 1 qualifiers
Top 8 teams from Day 1 qualifiers

PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020 India Group Stage has kicked off with a bang with 32 teams from India battling it out. The top 24 teams from this stage will advance to the PMCO Semi-Finals and battle it out for a total prize pool of $1 Million. The schedule of the qualifiers is as follows:

Day 1: Group A & B

Day 2: Group C & D

Day 3: Group A & D

Day 4: Group C & B

Day 5: Group C & A

Day 6: Group D & B

Game 1 (Erangle)

The flight took off from Military Base to Severny and the first zone was kind to the majority of the teams. Pochinki being the popular hot drops was uncontested with Team JSLX having a good time there. While Gatka and Rozhok was crowded with teams, which saw U-Mumba, Orange Rock and Team Insane taking early fights. Team U-Mumba lost two of their key players early while engaging with multiple fights and eventually getting sandwiched between Orange Rock and Insane.

Team Elves took early exit from the match followed by crowd favorite ORB. Orange Rock had the dominating position throughout the game holding the center of the zone and had no major problems entering the sixth and seventh zones. They secured a total of 10 kills with Daljitsk pocketing 5 of them. In the final circle, Revenge Sonic took his team to the second position, picking off Aditya from the Team Initiative. 


Game 2 (Sanhok)

The flight path for the second game of Day 1 was from Sahmee to Camp Alpha and took an eastern shift. This forced all the teams to do early loots and start early rotation since teams in Sanhok like to play at the center. Team Zero Degree and Celtz took their usual drops in Ruins and Bootcamp, respectively. Team Elves and AiM crashed each other with a 4v4 head on a fight, meanwhile taking the advantage, MGZedPansingh took down ELVavi and confirmed him instantly. Pansingh doing the scouting for his team was smart to disengage and walk away after securing his kill.

Another major highlight of the match was, MGZedDude clutching out 1v4 against players from Insane before getting finished off by AiM. Their was an intense final battle between Revenge Esports, JSLX and AiM, with JSLxSuryaOP eliminating three players from AiM. Revenge Esports clinched the chicken dinner with 6 kills. 

Game 3 (Miramar)

The flight path for this game was from Tore Ahumada to Los Higos. The first zone favoured the teams that took a southern drop in the map. Surprisingly no teams dropped off in sought after drop locations like Impala and San Martin which clearly shows that teams were avoiding early fights. Orange Rock preferred playing the high ridges with fours cars strategy for transportation as in when the zone takes a shift and for making a good cover for themselves in the end circles. They were able to catch Revenge Esports off gaurd, knocking out two of the players. Although RVNGSonic and RVNGrayed seemed to escape the barrage of OR, they got sprayed down by Zero Degree ending their stay in game 3. 

The final zone was in the south of Impala and didn't have a single compound forcing teams to play the ridges. Although Zero Degree played aggressively towards the end, they were taken down while entering the zone. Teams were seen using their utilities to maximum affect. In the final face off, ELVsnipu with his MK14 closed out the game by killing two players from AiM. ELV1947xDude was the MVP of the game, securing 8 kills to his name.

Match 4 (Vikendi)

The final game of the day was played in Vikendi and the flight took off from Peshkova to Debro Mestro. The zone took a hard shift towards the north-west, in and around Villa. The first casualty came from Team iEX, which then got wiped out by ORB Elites. Players from AiM were following the kill feed pretty closely and rushed ORB, who were two men standing after losing a couple of players in exchange with iEX. 

On the other hand, TGE Clan were on a killing spree, wiping out Team Insane. They dominated the entire proceedings and finally battled for the chicken dinner against Team U-Mumba. Noob from TGE clutched the round with his deadly spray of Micro Uzi clinching their first chicken dinner of the day. 

Day 1 has indeed been eventful with teams avoiding early clashes and hot drops being uncontested. Group C and D will play four matches tomorrow. You can catch the live blog of Day 1 here.

Published 08 Feb 2020, 01:51 IST
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