PMCO Fall Split 2019: Best kills in matches 5-7 in the Global Finals 

PMCO Global Finals 2019
PMCO Global Finals 2019
Modified 30 Nov 2019

The Global Finals of PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split 2019 is happening at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The three-day tournament began yesterday and will go on until December 1, 2019. A total of six matches were scheduled for PMCO Fall Split Global Finals Day 2 and here's a glimpse of the best kills from matches five to seven.

Match 5

Moments after the match had begun, a 4v4 fight between Top Esports and Team Queso. TesEagle got killed shortly after being spotted alone by his opponents. Players of Top Esports huddled up shortly after and Queso's Ayala pulled a clever clutch to wipe out team Top single-handedly after losing two of his teammates and one waiting to get revived.

Placement of players during the 4v4 between Top Esports and Team Queso
Placement of players during the 4v4 between Top Esports and Team Queso

Team Yoodo Gank was fighting ILLUMINATE The Murder by camping at a bridge and were getting third partied by UNicornGaming. Yoodo managed to win the battle by eliminating UG. Cloud9 Bewoulf's warehouse camping proved to a treat to the eyes of spectators as he smartly took down every player that passed by and pocketed kills for his team.

Match 6

EGC KR Black's Penguin took his TPP advantage and sniped to knock out Entity Gaming's Jonathan, moments after the match had begun. 

RRQ's Earnny was fragged by a teammate

When the second play zone was too far from RRQ Athena and the team was trying to get to the safe zone, the team had to face a fight with two other teams and Earnny was killed by one of his teammates with a nade to not give away a kill point to an opponent

Match 7

In a 2v3 fight between Entity Gaming and RRQ Athena, the RRQG9 and RRQSenior were taken down by Neyooooo and GHATAK, respectively. RRQ's Earnny took down Neyooooo. Just when GHATAK was all set for a 1v1 with Earnny with a recharged health, the latter pulled off a tough nade shot and killed the former.

TESEagle almost secured a win for his team
TESEagle almost secured a win for his team

The fight was Match 7's Chicken Dinner was a 2v2 between teams Bigetron RA and Top Esports. BTRZuxxy took down TESEagle in a fairly close-range fight with his M416, leaving TEShopeQAQ to fight alone for his team's victory. Eventually, hope killed LUXxy and moved an inch closer to the win, but BTRZuxxy took down hope and earned the second Chicken Dinner for his team.

Published 30 Nov 2019
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