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PMCO Fall Split 2019 Global Finals Team Spotlight: Yoodo Gank

Published Nov 26, 2019
Nov 26, 2019 IST

Yoodo Gank with their ticket to the Grand Finals of PMCO Fall Split 2019 (Image: Digital News Asia)
Yoodo Gank with their ticket to the Grand Finals of PMCO Fall Split 2019 (Image: Digital News Asia)

PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split Global Finals is all set to take place at Kuala Lampur. The event will happen for three days between 29th November and 1st December. 16 teams from various regions across the world will be fighting it out at the battlegrounds to bag the PMCO Fall Split 2019 title and Yoodo Gank will be representing Malaysia at the tournament.

The history, formation and achievements of Yoodo Gank

Before getting rebranded as Yoodo Gank in 2019, the team was earlier known as Gank.FTY. The team was formed by ManParang and AlenZz. in April 2018 as a PUBG Team that later transcended into a professional PUBG Mobile team based in Malaysia as Manparang left the PUBG PC team. 

Yoodo Gank was formed as a professional PUBG Mobile team in December 2018 with Manparang, Jimboy, Draxx, and OmaNNNN. Players including GeeK, iShotz, and Zully joined the team post the departure of OmaNNNN, Jimboy began coaching the team. 

Winning the PUBG Mobile Malaysia National Championship in 2018 with a prize pool of $4,800 was Yoodo Gank's first victory. Post that, the team was placed at #15 in PMCO Spring Split 2019 SEA Championship, #4 in Penang Esports Festival 2019 and #1 at Selangor Cyber Games 2019.

Yoodo Gank's roster for PMCO Fall Split 2019

Yoodo Gank's ManParang aka Aiman Amirul is one of the first members of the team along with Azim Ikromi who's popularly known as Draxx. While the former heads the team, the latter is Yoodo's Carry alongside Muhammad Zulfadhil who's widely recognized as Zully. While GeeK aka Mohd Hafizi holds the role of Yoodo's Supporter, Raymond Tan who's known by his IGN iShotz is the team's Scout.

Yoodo Gank's run in PMCO 2019

Yoodo Gank's run in PUBG Mobile Club Open has been significant. During the Spring Split in July 2019, the team was placed 14th in the SEA League qualifier and 15th in the SEA Championship, taking home a total of $2400.

At PMCO Fall Split 2019, Yoodo Gank maintained a consistent streak of kills and managed to score a total of 590 points with 212 kills During the SEA League stage and advanced to the SEA Championship by bagging the thirteenth spot. At the SEA League, the team emerged as the best Malaysian team and earned their ticket to the Global Finals as a direct qualifier.

Yoodo Gank has been focussing a lot on their kill points and that got them their place at the Global Finals. A stronger pattern of attack and an aggressive gameplay could make the team perform better at the Global Finals and perhaps even push them to bag the top spots in the leaderboard.

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