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PMCO Fall Split 2019: SA Regional Finals day 2 match 12;  Soul wins, ETG.Brawlers finishes #5, Fnatic finishes #4

Entity Gaming is leading the standings after Day 2
Entity Gaming is leading the standings after Day 2
Modified 10 Nov 2019

PIMCO Fall Split 2019 South Asia Regional Finals are being held in Delhi, India. The twelfth match of SA Regional Finals day 2 of the PUBG Mobile tournament took place in Erangel from a third-person perspective. The flight path for this match started from the south-east part of the map and went straight towards the extreme south-west part of the map. The first playzone formed near the west side of the map, and it circled hot-priority locations such as Pochinki, Hospital, and Quarry.

Soul had the most kills in the game
Soul had the most kills in the game

Zero Degree’s Paansingh took down AmAn from Entity Gaming to secure the first kill of the game. Zero Degree then eliminated 3 members of Megastars continuing their killstreak. ETG.Brawlers and INS traded near School but neither could secure a kill.

The two teams were further joined by Nepali Ho Ni and Synerge to make it a fatal four-way. INS and Nepali Ho Ni were wiped out in the combat while Synerge survived with one member and ETG.Brawlers came out unscathed. 

Godlike had another disappointing game
Godlike had another disappointing game

Synerge with 1 member, Soul with 2 members and ETG. Brawlers with 4 members made it to the final safe zone of the game. Soul Viper knocked out two members of ETG.Brawlers and Synerge eliminated the remaining two.

Mortal rushed on Seervi, but it was Seervi who came out on top to secure the Chicken Dinner for Synerge. Despite coming second, Soul finished first in the points table as they had more kills than Synerge. Entity Gaming is still leading the overall standings despite coming seventh in this game.

The regional finals will continue with day 3 action tomorrow.

Match 12- Erangel TPP

  1. SOUL:13 kills and 27 points
  2. SYNERGE: 6 kills and 26 points
  3. ETG.BRAWLERS: 9 kills and 19 points
Published 10 Nov 2019, 00:28 IST
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