PMCO India 2020: Marcos Gaming win 2nd game of semi-finals Day 1 

PMCO Spring Split India 2020
PMCO Spring Split India 2020
Modified 13 Feb 2020

The semi-finals of the PMCO Spring Split 2020 for the Indian region is underway. The second match of Day 1 of the semi-finals took place in the Sanhok map in a third-person perspective. The flight path of the map stretched from Camp Alpha to Mongnai, and the first zone of the game was formed towards the south-western part of the map, making Pai nan the center of the first zone.

Here is a quick rundown of the game.

Early Game

As Team Tamillas were trying to enter the newly formed first zone. Team VSG Crawlers spotted the Tamillas and were quick enough to score the kill by instantly knocking out and killing 2 members of Team Tamillas while also knocking out another member of the team. Team Tamillas were trying to retreat from the fight and VSG Crawlers finished off mrSpray of Team Tamillas. After spotting the last member of the Team Tamilas, the full squad of VSG rushed on him, and their kill count rose to four.

Mid Game

Many fights and knockouts were recorded in the mid half of the game due to the smaller map and continuously shrinking zone. Team Orange Rock finished off Team Ecstacy and Fnatic despite having fewer members alive, whereas team Marcos Gaming dominated the other squads with a better strategy and took their kill count beyond 10. Meanwhile, team U Mumba benefited the most from the formation of the last zone.

Late Game

Marcos Gaming and UMExRxN were the two squads left in the last zone where the fight was 4v2. The chances of UMExRxN to win the game were less, but then again they also knocked out one player of Marcos and gave a tough fight despite being in the tougher situation.

In the end, Surya of Marcos Gaming scored the last kill and bagged chicken dinner for his team. Marcos Gaming ended first while U Mumba ended 2nd.

Published 13 Feb 2020
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