PMCO India Finals Results: Mega Stars wins the final game of Day 1

Match Standings
Match Standings

The Indian Finals of the PMCO Spring Split 2020, the massive PUBG Mobile tournament, is in full swing with the action rolling into Day 1.

The final match of the day took place in Erangel from a third-person perspective. The flight path of the map stretched from Quarry to Novo Repnoye, and the first play zone was formed in the center of the map.

Early Game

A couple of teams looked for the vehicles on the road just after landing on the map. OR Vampire faced an early elimination from the game and got killed by the MGZed clan. As he was away from his teammates, Orange Rock failed to take revenge from the enemy team. MGZed drew the first blood of the final game of the day.

Mid Game

While moving into the next circle, Aztec and Celtz clan got collided with each other. At first, Celtz clan lost its first player to Aztecs' Spidey. Later on, Celtz MJ also showed some aggression and took down a single player of the enemy team. Taking advantage of a nearby vehicle, the remaining two players of Celtz clan escaped from the spot and saved their life.

Late Game

However, the battle between Aztec and Celtz was not over yet. In the late game, Celtz clan again faced the bullets of the Aztec clan. This time, Aztec delivered massive damage and eliminated their whole squad. Mega Stars and Team Tamilas took the final fight in the last zone, and with the advantage of the white circle, MegaStars snatched the victory from the opponent team.

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Edited by A. Ayush Chatterjee
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