PMCO India Semi-Finals Results: 7SeasEsports wins the second game of Day 5

Match Standings
Match Standings
Tarun Sayal
Modified 17 Feb 2020

The group stage of the PMCO Spring Split 2020, the massive PUBG Mobile tournament, got underway recently.

The second match of the tournament took place in the Sanhok map from a third-person perspective. The flight path of the map stretched from Lakawee to Ha Tinh, and the first play zone was formed on the northeast side.

Early Game

In the first few minutes of the second game, FULLPWR's Mogambo lost his life to the enemy team and got eliminated in the early game. Later, the whole squad engaged with Fnatic and knocked out Owais of the opponent's squad. FULLPWR's FTW who was giving cover from the behind eliminated the IGL of Fnatic and added a couple of kills on the points table.

Mid Game

Unfortunately, the whole squad of Fnatic finished at #16 in the second game of the day. On the other side, IM and TE clan battled out, and IM got two kills with the perfect usage of grenade and utilities. Afterwards, TE clan ignored the first fights and aimed for the place points.

Late Game

vsgCrawlers squad who was prone on the ground delivered substantial damage to FULLPWR clan by knocking out their two members. Later in the same fight, vsgCrawlers also punished three members of UME clan and secured a couple of kills in the late game. The final battle concluded between Celtz and 7SeasEsports. With the three-man advantage, 7Seas got an easy win of the second match of the day.

Published 17 Feb 2020
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