PMCO India Semi-Finals Results: Team Ecstasy wins the third game of Day 2

PMCO Spring Split India 2020
PMCO Spring Split India 2020
Tarun Sayal
Modified 14 Feb 2020

The Indian Semi-Final of the PMCO Spring Split 2020, the massive PUBG Mobile tournament, is underway. The third match of the tournament took place in the Miramar map from a third-person perspective. The flight path of the map stretched from Monte Nuevo to Campo Militar, and the first play-zone was formed on the southeast side of the map.

Early Game

Just after landing on the location, FULLPWR knocked out Celtz's Attanki by Scorpion weapon. Luckily, Attanki got revived as his teammate saves him behind the cover of a shed. Meanwhile, LCraftClownY knocked RavenTTmentyOP and secured the first kill of the match. Mayhem caught LCraft Esports and eliminated three players beautifully.

Mid Game

GODL clan, who was looting San Martin, got spotted by HYP clan. Luckily, the player attained cover in the nick of time and avoided early elimination. On the other side, the airdrop landed near Monte Nuevo and contained MK14. As there were no teams nearby, nobody looted it.

Late Game

While finding the vehicle, iNTENSE added two kills by wiping out M40 team members, bursting their vehicle from the ridge of a hill. LC, who was outside of the circle, took some substantial damage from the blue zone and proceeded into the next zone without taking any casualties. GODL was unbeatable in the third match and snatched the victory from UME with a total of 18 kills.

Published 14 Feb 2020
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