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PMCO Spring Split: Mayhem clinch victory in the first game of Day 2's Group Stage

Modified 08 Feb 2020, 19:27 IST

PMCO India Group Stage Day 2 Match 1 Standings
PMCO India Group Stage Day 2 Match 1 Standings

The Group Stage of PMCO Spring Split 2020 for the Indian region is underway. The fifth overall and first PUBG match of Day 2 of the tournament took place in the map Erangle in a third-person perspective. The flight path of the map stretched from Yasnaya Polyana to Georgopool, and the first play-zone was formed over hot drops like School, Mansion, and Yasnaya Polyana.

Here is a quick rundown of the game.

Early Game

Team Fnatic landed near the bridge and decided to loot the small compounds. VSGCrawlers scored the first kill by eliminating Encore of MegaStars by blowing up their vehicles. Following this, Fnatic's Ronak knocked out Mega's SWAG with a grenade while the whole Fnatic squad finished off MegaStars after surrounding them.

Mid Game

Despite some great action, only one team was eliminated from the prior completion of half-time. Meanwhile, TeamIntense's Rider killed AZTEC's Satan with a Mini14. TeamHype and Team Gox engaged in a fight while the 5th play zone formed in the open field. Fnatic's Ronak knocked out GODL's Gill and in a few minutes; five squads were wiped out from the game. During the intense action, Fnatic was also eliminated.

Late Game

As the last zone was formed, there were still three teams alive as the last member of TeamMINUS40 died outside the play zone. After all the action, the last battle saw teams MAYHEM and ELEMENTRIX engaging as the fight grew intense, MAYHEM eliminated the latter one's last member and got the victory. Team MAYHEM ended the first match of Day 2 with nine kills.

Published 08 Feb 2020, 19:23 IST
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