PMPL Standings: PMPL 2020 South Asia S2 Day 1 Points Table

  • Here are the overall standings of Day 1 of PMPL S2 South Asia Scrims.
  • GodLike tops the leaderboard, followed by SynerGE and team Elementrix.
Modified 06 Apr 2020, 22:36 IST

Day 1 overall standings.
Day 1 overall standings.

PUBG Mobile has announced yet another season of PMPL Scrims to keep fans engaged during these troubled times. It is important to note that the PMPL South Asia Finals have been postponed until further notice due to COVID-19 outbreak, while these are practice scrims before the mega event.

The officials at PUBG Mobile see this as an opportunity to mobilize eSports, and the audience can enjoy the scrims via the online livestreaming platform.

The Pro League South Asia will be hosting scrims live from 6th to 17th April with a daily prize pool of $1000. The leaderboard toppers bag a total of $700, while the second and third placed teams take home $200 and $100, respectively. In the end, the team with the most points also win a jackpot of $2000.

Season 2 also saw some changes in rules. It was decided that teams will get a wildcard to play on Thursdays and Fridays. The wildcard can be used in only one match of that day by each team. Wildcards will be of two types:

1. Place Card: If a team use the wildcard as a place card, that team will be getting 1.5x place points for that match.

2. Kill Card: If a team use the wildcard as a kill card, that team will be getting 2x points for the number of kills that they make in that match.

As usual, team GodLike capitalized on the momentum they got early on in the game and never stopped thereafter. They fragged out 43 opponents in four games and also registered a 21 chicken dinners in the last game.

The buzz in the bootcamp, team bonding after months of practice together and the overall positive mindset have inspired this team to this crest of success. Team Godlike were followed by SynerGE and Elementrix.


CarryBTC, from Godlike was the MVP of Day 1 of PMPL S2 scrims. He pocketed 8 kills in the fourth game played on Erangel and maximized the excellent positioning and zone advantage that they had.

Top 5 fraggers after Day 1 of PMPL South Asia S2 scrims:

Top 5 fraggers of day 1.
Top 5 fraggers of day 1.

GodLikeCarryBTC – 14 Kills (2128 Damage)

GodLikeGill – 13 Kills (1724 Damage)

SGEted – 12 Kills (2120 Damage)

GodLikeSmokieOP – 9 Kills (2125 Damage)

UMEx420 – 9 Kills (1384 Damage)

Overall Standings after Day 1 of PMPL South Asia S2 scrims:

  1. GODLIKE – 84 Points
  2. SYNERGE – 68 Points
  3. ELEMENTRIX – 49 Points
  4. JYANMARA – 49 Points
  5. POWERHOUSE – 49 Points
  6. MEGASTARS – 48 Points
  7. ORANGE ROCK – 47 Points
  8. VSGCRAWLERS – 44 Points
  9. TEAM XTREME – 43 Points
  10. TSM-ENTITY – 40 Points
  11. TEAM IND – 39 Points
  12. UMExRXN – 36 Points
  13. TEAM HYPE – 27 Points
  14. FNATIC – 19 Points
  15. TEAM TAMILAS – 19 Points
  16. DEADEYES GUY – 18 Points
  17. SOUL – 18 Points
  18. INES – 14 Points
  19. MARCOS GAMING – 12 Points
  20. CELTZ – 8 Points 

The matches will be streamed live on PUBG Mobile Esports official YouTube channel from 6PM onwards every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Don’t forget to join the live action to cheer for your favourite team. 

Published 06 Apr 2020, 22:36 IST
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