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Pokemon Go: Heatran and Shadow Moltres latest characters added through January 2020 update

Modified 31 Dec 2019, 10:38 IST

Shadow Moltres can be earned by defeating Giovanni
Shadow Moltres can be earned by defeating Giovanni

Niantic is celebrating the new year by bringing a bunch of new updates in Pokemon Go, which includes the return of legendary Pokemon Heatran and another Team Rocket Research questline. Niantic is also adding more Gen 5 Pokemon along with new Field Research tasks to the game.

The secret Pokemon for January Research Breakthrough is Lapras, which will come with either Ice Beam or Ice Shard. Either of the moves is legacy, and last time players could earn Lapras with the same moves was back in 2018.

Hachathon is also making a return to the game, giving players a chance to earn Stardust, Rare Candies and Unova Stone (evolution stone). Besides earning items, players will be able to encounter wild Pokemon with a party hat.

The big attraction of January is the return of legendary Pokemon Heatran. A Fire-Steel type Pokemon, Heatran will be a great addition to any team. The Pokemon will be available in the five-star Raids from January 7 to February 4.

Niantic is adding another Team Rocket questline, similar to what we had in December. The main goal of the event is to defeat Team Rocket leader Giovanni, which will earn players a Shadow Legendary Pokemon, Moltres.

Apart from all the events, Niantic is bringing more Gen 5 Pokemon to the game. However, Niantic has not confirmed which Pokemon will debut in January, but players can expect some fan-favorite Pokemon coming soon.

Published 31 Dec 2019, 10:38 IST
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