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Pokemon Masters: Why you should try the latest Pokemon game

53   //    12 Sep 2019, 20:43 IST

via DeNa
via DeNa

Pokemon is one of the most followed fandoms out there. Back in 2016 when Pokemon Go was released, it became an instant hit. It was for the first time that a mobile game made such headlines. There is now a new Pokemon game on the platform, and it's capturing the attention of audiences.

Pokemon Masters is the latest trending game on the mobile platform. The game has been developed by DeNa and was released on August 29 globally. The game managed to cross 10 million downloads in just 4 days and has already generated $25 million.

What is the game about and why should you play the game?

Aside from the numbers and my personal experience, the game is engaging and fun at the same time. There are story mode and training mode for single players. You can also play co-op mode with your friends or random strangers.

There are also limited-time events that will keep you engaged for a long period. The first few stages of the story mode are pretty easy but as you progress through the story mode, it gets more challenging. However, co-op battle is where the real fun begins. The later missions of co-op battles are extremely difficult and require you to strategize properly.

Pokemon Masters is a Gacha game which means you recruit characters by using the free gems or the paid gems. You can earn free gems via story mode and limited time events. There are microtransactions available if you want to purchase the gems. These characters speed up your progress depending upon their rarity.

There are currently two events underway which are - Reach for the top and the Rock Type Training events. Hop over to the game if you want to experience hardcore Pokemon battles.

If you are a Pokemon fan or Gacha game fan in general, Pokemon Masters will appease you. It's free to play and available on both Android and IOS.