Pokemon Sword and Shield: Could Gen 8 introduce a new Eevee Evolution?

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Eevee was introduced in Generation 1 with evolutions using the respective Stones into Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon. Gold and Silver/Generation 2 introduced the Psychic and then the new type Dark with Espeon and Umbreon, but evolving Eevee in day and night respectively. This trend was seen again with the even numbered generations.

Generation 4 introduced the Leaf type Leafeon and Ice Type Glaceon by evolving Eevee next to a special rock. The latest Eevee evolution comes from Generation 6, where they introduced a new type called Fairy (they are also due for a Pokemon Go release soon). Sylveon was introduced as a Fairy Type Pokemon which evolved from Eevee if the player showed it enough affection.

Generation 7 did not see any new evolutions, so based on this trend we can hope that Gamefreak introduces a new type of Eevee Evolution. User @devildman on Instagram drew a pretty sweet concept on how it could look like. The concept appears to be a Steel-type Steampunk themed Eevee, going with the theme of the game.

Image Credit: @devildman on Instagram
Image Credit: @devildman on Instagram

Eevee and its evolutions currently use 9 types of the 18 types in the game. We have yet to see a Steel, Ground, Dragon, Bug, Rock, Fighting, Flying, Poison and Ghost Type Eevee. But how many Eevee Evolutions is too many? Is it too oversaturated? Probably not.

Eevee is known for being a versatile Pokemon due to the many moves it can learn prior to evolution and after evolution. Even a team of only Eevee evolutions is pretty diverse and balanced! Although if you are playing with IVs and EVs (no pun intended), your choice of a line up is probably not going to include just Eevee evolutions.

If Generation 8 doesn't introduce a new Eevee evolution, it will be the first even number generation in Pokemon's history not to do so. Let's wait for Gamefreak to surprise us (or disappoint us).

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