Pokimane discusses burnout, talks about changes to her content in the near future

Pokimane is one of Twitch's largest streamers, regularly putting out content on multiple platforms (Image via Pokimane, Twitch)
Pokimane is one of Twitch's largest streamers, regularly putting out content on multiple platforms (Image via Pokimane, Twitch)

Imane "Pokimane" Anys has recently been speaking to her audience about the feelings of stress and burnout she's been facing. The 25-year-old recently posted an entry to her alternate YouTube channel, where she posts more candid vlogs and addressed the feelings of burnout she's been having.

In the vlog, Pokimane went over how she's been feeling regarding streaming and how she doesn't feel she's doing things for herself anymore.

Pokimane discusses future of her content after feelings of burnout creep in


The most recent upload to Pokimane's secondary YouTube channel chronicles the feelings of stagnation that the popular Twitch streamer has recently felt. Candidly discussing her frame of mind with her audience, the content creator said:

"I just want video footage of me promising to try and do things I only want to do because, lately, I know my mind and my heart, and I really don't want to admit it, but I think I'm burnt out. And unlike any other way, I've been burnt out in the past."

Pokimane added that the games and streaming ecosystem has grown stale in recent times but feels that the root of her feelings of stagnation goes a little deeper.

The OfflineTV member talked about how the concept of doing everything to have no regrets in the future is not the most positive thing for her right now.

"I just find myself doing so many things that I'm not really excited to do or am passionate about. I always do things that I 'should' do, but avoiding regret doesn't help you pursue the things that you really really want."

Between handling her streams, content creation for other platforms, social media management, OfflineTV management, Cloak, and more, Pokimane stated that she's overwhelmed and would like to focus more on things that she personally really wants to do.

Indicating that she would be focusing a lot more on her second channel, the Canadian-Moroccan hinted at a lot more content coming to it, with the first regular segment being called "IRL diaries."

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