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Preview: Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield: Hardline In the world of the first person shooting games, there’s always been a handful of games loved by the gamers. Call of D ...

Preview 05 Mar 2015, 16:25 IST
Battlefield: Hardline

In the world of the first person shooting games, there’s always been a handful of games loved by the gamers. Call of Duty, Farcry, Titanfall, and Battlefield remain the prominent games in the genre. Last year, the latest installment of the Call of Duty was released,Advanced Warfare. It was loved by the audience and also by the critics. The people loved the game because it featured a gameplay different than the normal CoD games, and also because of Kevin Spacey. And now it’s time for “Battlefield: Hardline”. “Battlefield: Hardline” is the latest game in the series and is completely different from the other games.


Unlike the other Battlefield games where the game is set war regions, this game is based on the crime/heist elements instead of warfare. Yes, now we will catch the thugs and drug cartels not the war craving terrorists. The main storyline of the game puts you in the shoes of Nick Mendoza, who has just been appointed as the detective in the city of Los Angeles. Along with his partner detective Khai Minh Dao, the two decide to rage a war against the drug dealers and  come to realize that power and corruption can affect both sides of the law.

It’s good to see that we will get to play the day to day activities of a detective in the city of LA, and also it’s exciting to see what the new set of gameplay will feature in the game. The story is different and charcters are new. So we can hope a good, knuckle fight and gripping story with good visuals in the next gen consoles and PC.


The developers have promised the players that they experience a whole new gameplay which is totally different from the previous games of the series. The game focuses more on the criminal activities than the militarized background. Since we play the role of the police, we will have access to various military grade weapons and vehicles. The players will be equipped with tasers and handcuffs. 

  • The game features a  number of new gaming modes. Some of them are listed below:
  1. Heist: In this mode, the criminals break into a cash vault and they open it. Now it is upto the LAPD to chase and catch them. If the criminals manage to escape, then they wim and you lose.
  2. Blood Money: In this mode, both the factions are to steal money which is located at the centre of the map. Once they have stolen the money, they must move it back to their respective armoured truck. The faction which steals $5 million wins. During the course of the mode, you can also steal money from your oppenent’s truck.
  3. Rescue: This is a 5 vs 5 online gaming mode, wherein one faction is of the criminals and other is SWAT. The criminals win by killing all the hostages and the cops, and to defeat the criminals, the SWAT must ensure that the hostages are safe and criminals are dead. Each player has only one life in this mode, that means no respawns.
  4. Crosshair: Another competitive game mode in Battlefield Hardline. Similar to “Resue”, Crosshair is also 3 minutes long, 5 vs 5 with only one life. Here, the criminals are trying to kill a player controlled VIP on the cops side who is a former gang member turned states witness. The criminals win by killing the VIP and the cops win by getting the VIP to the extraction point

Seeing what the deveoplers have planned, it looks like they are trying to make up for the bug and mistakes of “Battlefield 4”. The game looks promising, and we hope that we get to play a game without any bugs and glitches.

System Requirements:

For those who own XOne or PS4, they do not have to get tensed because they already have a next gen console. It is the people who own PC worry about whether the game will function properly or not. So here are the minimum and required system requirements for “Battlefield: Hardline”.

  • Minimum Requirements:

OS: Windows Vista, 64 bit.

Processor: Core i3-2100T 2.5GHz


Direct X: DX11

Graphic Card: GeForce GTX 260 or Radeon HD 5770 1024MB 

HDD Space: 60GB

  • Recommended Requirements:

OS: Windows 8, 64 bit

Processor: Core 2 Quad Q9500 2.83GHz


Direct X: DX11

Graphic Card: GeForce GTX 760 or Radeon R9 290

HDD Space: 60GB

What to expect:

The series have never been a disapointment. There were a few bugs and errors in the last game, but it was fun. The game is known for it’s intense battle atmosphere on which it has never failed to deliver. So, we can expect this installment to be good as the other games. And since the whole scenario along with the story has been changed, it will feel good to play the game set in LA and playing the role of LAPD detetcive. I’m eagerly waiting for the game, becasue it is one of the few First person shooting games which I love. Thumbs up for “Battlefield: Hardline”.

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