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Prior Games "value extraction adventure" title Verona inspired by Shakespeare and Firefly

Prior Games "value extraction adventure" title Verona inspired by Shakespeare and Firefly

News 20 Mar 2015, 11:38 IST
Concept art for Verona

Prior Games upcoming third-person "value extraction adventure game", Verona, has a pretty unique story. Inspired by cult television series Firefly, ‘Verona’ is set in the 22nd century on a pre-apocalyptic Earth. The rich and powerful have abandoned the planet to distant colonies, and are now sending a team of scavengers to gather up anything of value that was left behind on Earth.

Verona follows this team of extractors who are tasked with transporting goods from the dying planet to distant colonies. You can check out the brief description of the game below:

"Set on a pre-apocalyptic Earth already left behind by the wealthy and the privileged, Verona follows a team of extractors—22nd century treasure hunters—who secure and transport anything desirable from our dying planet to the colonies, regardless of size," it says. "Inspired by the cult television series Firefly and Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, this is a third-person action adventure that keeps on challenging you to ponder the material or emotional value of the riches you find."

As of now, there isn’t much to go by besides some art and the description mentioned above. But it seems quite intriguing so far, and fans of the short-lived Firefly TV series are bound to be interested. The website also suggests that the studio is trying to add some real depth to the game.

Prior Games CEO, Theodore Reiker, has explained that the story of the game will be shaped by the players choices and their relationships with fellow crewmembers. However, he also mentioned that the "the extraction of valuable assets is key.” "There is no alien threat in the game and the protagonists’ role is not to save the universe," he said. "It’s a tale about greed, cruelty, love, and staying human in an inhuman world."

Reiker was worked on other projects as well, such as the side-scrolling shoot-em-up title, Sine Mora. Verona seems more ambitions than Sine Mora, but hopefully it will be as successful as the latter. A release date for Verona is yet to be announced, and hopefully we will be hearing from the title soon. You can check out the PAX East teaser trailer for the game below:

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