pro100 beat HellRaisers to take the crown at DreamHack Delhi 2019 CS:GO Invitational

pro100 wins DreamHack Delhi CSGO Invitational
pro100 wins DreamHack Delhi CSGO Invitational

The DreamHack Delhi CS:GO Invitational has wrapped up and pro100 has emerged as the champions. pro100 took down HellRaisers in the final 2-0 winning a grand prize of ₹20,00,000. HellRaisers was the favorites moving into the finals but pro100 proved to everyone that they were the best.

HellRaisers had a fantastic opening to Game 1 (Mirage) as they picked up the Pistol round. pro100 responded with a Round 3 victory but it was not enough to tame HellRaiser’s initial momentum. HellRaiser was 7-2 at one point and it looked like Game 1 is done and dusted. However, pro100 had different plans as the representatives from Ukraine came back from behind to win Game 1 with a scoreline of 19-15. pro100’s double AWP strategy was key to their victory in Game 1 as it caught HellRaiser completely off guard.

pro100 continued rallied on their momentum from Game 1 as they started Game 2 (Train) on a winning note. Contrary to Game 1, it was pro100 who took the sizable lead this time. HellRaisers fought back valiantly and managed to win some games, but it was not enough to stop the unstoppable train of pro100. pro100 won Game 2 16-12 and walked away with a stunning DreamHack trophy along with ₹20,00,000 prize money.

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Edited by A. Ayush Chatterjee
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