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Project Cars to feature dynamic weather

New development that will affect weather, which will in turn affect...

News 04 Jan 2015, 01:49 IST

2014 witnessed the release of many great racing games such as Mario Kart 8 and the critically acclaimed Forza Horizon 2. And while Evolution Studios racing title Driveclub also released in the same year, it did not do as well as its counterparts with a pretty rocky launch.

The game eventually became much better after a few updates, specifically the update which added the dynamic weather feature. And now a brand new racing title is looking to challenge Driveclub’s acclaimed weather feature.

New development to make game more realistic

Project Cars is a new racing title by Slightly Mad Studios which is all set to release in 2015. The game also includes a weather feature like Driveclub. DualShockers recently posted a number of YouTube channels which showcases some examples of the dynamic weather system featured in Project Cars, that too in full 60 fps on PC.

The dynamic weather is not just visual and will affect the gameplay in Project Cars by impacting the driving conditions. The feature adds a greater sense of realism to the game which will require players to keep their eye on the track at all times, much like in real racing.

Driveclub was the first racing game to add a dynamic weather feature and it’s great to see that Project Cars has adapted this awesome feature. Whether this feature will be better than the one found in Driveclub is yet to be seen.

Project Club will be releasing on March 17th, 2014.

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