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PS4 News: The Forest is out today, Here's what you need to know.

192   //    06 Nov 2018, 23:34 IST

Endnight Games Ltd
Endnight Games Ltd

2014's The Forest-a survival horror game developed by Endnight Games Ltd. is finally out on PS4 today.

Here are a few things you should know before buying the game.

The Forest casts you as a father looking for his missing son after you both survive a passenger plane crash. You’ll have to find food and water, and as night approaches build a fire and shelter to keep warm. Although tranquil at first, you soon find there is something sinister lurking in the trees.

#1 You need to craft to survive

Endnight Games Ltd.
Endnight Games Ltd.

The forest gives you all the tools you need to survive in an actual forest.

Whether it be cutting down woods to light fire, catching fish to eat, craft spears to hunt other animals and what's lurking outside.

It's your complete Survival emulator with an ongoing story.

Pretty cool right?

#2 Build bases

Endnight Games Ltd.
Endnight Games Ltd.

In The Forest, you will also need to build shelters and bases because you know the night is full of dark and terror, no I meant that literally. At night, it won't be safe for you to be outside.

#3 Caves

Endnight Games Ltd
Endnight Games Ltd

As with actual forests, if you are the adventurer type, you will definitely be wanting to explore the caves in The Forest because that's where the deadlier enemies and the most modern weapons are found.

Hey if you want it, you gotta earn it.

#4 Multiplayer Co-op

The game also features a multiplayer mode, where you can team up with three other people, making a group of four won't be that scary right? But it will be fun like going out camping or trekking and so you should definitely try this.

It's always good to see Indie developers trying something new and innovative without any fear of failure. The Forest received generally positive reviews when it launched on PC couple of years ago and has currently sold about 5 million copies.

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