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PS5 Digital Edition vs PS5: Why is there a price difference between the two consoles?

(image credits: PlayStation, Twitter)
(image credits: PlayStation, Twitter)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 17 Oct 2020, 20:03 IST

After an odd delay concerning the launch of the PS5 in India, due to there being a trademark dispute, Sony has now finally come out and revealed the price of the PS5 and the Digital Edition, along with the prices of its accessories.

The base model of the PS5 is priced at ₹49,990, while the Digital Edition is priced at ₹39,990. The price of the console has a huge say in a market such as India, and prospective consumers have been waiting with bated breath for Sony to reveal the prices.

With Microsoft already having revealed the price of the Xbox Series X and Series in India, Sony were possibly able to make a more informed decision. The choice to go with a Digital Edition of the PS5 was one that piqued the community's interest, and fans have long been debating the pros and cons of a digital-only console.

PS5 vs PS5 Digital Edition: Which console should players be looking to buy?

Lack of an Optical Drive

The one difference that jumps out between the PS5 and the Digital Edition is the lack of a Blu-Ray optical drive. This essentially means players will not be able to use physical copies of PS5/PS4 games on the Digital Edition.

The removal of the optical drive not only adds more symmetry to the design of the PS5, but also brings down the price of the console. Because the Digital Edition drops an extremely valuable piece of hardware, this can sway fans away from the console.

The optical drive essentially helps the PS5 act as a great, comprehensive entertainment system, with its ability to play Blu-Ray discs. Thus, in addition to being a console for gaming, the PlayStation doubles as a great product for entertainment.


Backwards and compatibility and PS4 games

For players comfortable with the lack of an optical drive, the Digital Edition should be a no-brainer. However, since the PS5 is capable of playing 99% of the PS4 library, players who own physical copies of PS4 games will essentially be forgoing a number of quality games.

Since players, at this point, would have already ammased a decent number of PS4 titles, whether physically or not, the PS5 will already have some pretty solid titles at launch.

Through the PS Plus Collection, players get to enjoy some of the best games from the PS4's library, and they will be available digitally. However, there is a chance players would already own those games in physical form.

Thus, the Digital Edition presents a major trade-off that might not be all that apparent on first glance.

Trading physical copies of games


Being able to trade physical discs of games has always been one of the most integral parts of gaming. Sony had even taken digs at Microsoft during the launch of the Xbox One and the PS4.

The Digital Edtition essentially prevents players from being able to trade physical copies of their games. What prospective buyers must remember is that the PS5 and the Digital Edition are virtually identical consoles, with only the lack of an optical drive.

The hardware on both consoles remains the same, and thus, if players are comfortable with the mentioned downsides, then the Digital Edition is a fantastic buy.

Published 17 Oct 2020, 20:03 IST
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