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PS5 Showcase Event: What to expect from Sony

Sony have maintained radio silence over the PS5 but that could change in the PS5 Showcase Event (Image Credits: Games Radar)
Sony have maintained radio silence over the PS5 but that could change in the PS5 Showcase EventΒ (Image Credits: Games Radar)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 16 Sep 2020, 17:24 IST

It is now time for the gaming community to sit back and watch the next-gen console war unfold as the major companies go head-to-head against one another. Sony, with the PS5, and Microsoft, with the Xbox Series X, are going into this holiday season looking to get the upper hand.

The console war has, over the years, cooled down, with fans of the Xbox and the PS having reached an understanding and developed a mutual respect for both consoles.

Gone are the days of a fight breaking out in the comment section, arguing over console supremacy, with PS and Xbox users going at each other's throats while the "PC Master Race" gods descending from their heavenly abode.

All the while, Nintendo fans are perfectly satisfied with their endless supply of quality first-party titles.

Xbox Series X and PS5 go head-to-head this holiday season

Microsoft kicked things off with the Xbox Series S reveal as well as the pricing and release dates for their next-gen consoles. Meanwhile, Sony have maintained radio silence over the PS5 but that is due to change in the PS5 Showcase Event on September the 16th.

The internet is buzzing as to what Sony has planned for the event and hopefully, they will show up with some monumental news, much like the Xbox Series S and pricing.

Here's all that we can realistically hope from the PS5 Showcase Event.

PS5 Showcase Event: What can we expect from Sony?

1) Pricing and Release Date

(Image Credits: The Verge)
(Image Credits: The Verge)

The gaming community grew increasingly tired of this corporate game of chicken, with neither Microsoft nor Sony willing to reveal the prices for the Xbox Series X or the PS5, respectively. However, Microsoft finally revealed the prices as well as the release date, and some feel that it puts pressure on Sony to do the same.

A similar situation unfolded in the opposite way, all the way back during the release of PS3 and Xbox 360, with Microsoft undercutting Sony and offering the Xbox at a much cheaper price to dominate sales at launch.

Sony wouldn't want a repeat of the same but are under immense pressure to reveal the price of the PS5, and tonight's event might just be it.

2) First-party and third-party titles

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Sony has stressed that tonight's PS5 Showcase will still have a focus on third-party and first-party titles, which is fair since a console is only as good as the games it can play.

Fans can expect a deeper look into previously revealed first-party titles such as Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Horizon Zero Dawn: Forbidden West. Perhaps it is wishful thinking but a deeper look into Demon's Souls or maybe even Elden Ring would surely excite the audience.

Other first-party titles such as Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is likely to be front-and-centre to showcase the power of the PS5 hardware. The new Combat Trailer for Godfall on the PS5 has already resulted in extremely positive reception from the fanbase.

3) PS5 Exclusives available at launch

(Image Credits: Wccftech)
(Image Credits: Wccftech)

More often than not, console supremacy simply comes down to the first-party exclusives. Sony, quite frankly, wiped the floor in the current-gen with one brilliant exclusive after the other.

Sony would be looking to follow up on that with another successful run of first-party exclusives for the PS5. Moreover, neither company would want a repeat of the somewhat dry and uneventful launch of the current-gen consoles due to a lack of quality titles available at launch.

A few games, such as Godfall, have already been confirmed as a launch title, and perhaps tonight's event could reveal more.

4) PS5 UI

(Image Credits: BGR)
(Image Credits: BGR)

This may not be too big on the fans' list but people can often underestimate the value of a good UI. Perhaps, Sony will look to include a first look at the UI for the next-gen console.

While it isn't a huge factor in a console war, it does matter to a large section of the PS5's potential user base. A good UI goes a long way in making a console not only accessible but attractive as well.

Sony could even put the Dualsense front-and-centre and display its full capabilities and integration with the console's UI. This would definitely get the internet talking.

Published 16 Sep 2020, 17:24 IST
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