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Psychiatrist "Dr.K" googles "Sugondese" after Twitch chat asks him to, ends up regretting his decision

Image via HealthyGamerGG, Twitch
Image via HealthyGamerGG, Twitch
Rishabh B.
Modified 18 Dec 2020, 00:04 IST

There was a hilarious incident where Harvard psychologist Dr. K, got “jebaitted” by his Twitch chat, into searching for a rather obscene term online

Harvard trained psychologist Dr. Alok Kanojia interacts with gamers on a range of emotional and psychological issues on the Twitch platform HealthyGamerGG. Recently, he was talking to his viewers about the difference between the “truth” and a “problematic identity” that a person may take for themself.

He explained that there is a huge difference between being a “failure” and having “failed,” or being a “diabetic” and having “diabetes.” As he explained the difference between the two kind of terms, his Twitch chat decided that it would jebait him into searching for the term “Sugondese.”

Dr. K’s Twitch chat “jebaits” him into searching for the term “Sugondese”

Alok “Dr. K” Kanojia regularly hosts streams where he talks about different issues related to gaming. In the past, his Twitch streams on the channel HealthyGamersGG have dealt with issues such as addiction, alcoholism, and other emotional or psychological issues that gamers might deal with.

The Twitch channel currently has around 417k subscribers, and Dr. K. regularly responds to various internet personalities on his streams as well. During a recent stream, he was explaining the difference between taking up an identity and not being able to differentiate from the truth.


In a nutshell, he said that there is a lot of negativity which arises from not being able to differentiate between an identity from a simple incident “that happened.” A person can simply tell himself that he has failed at something, or take up and accept the identity of a “failure.”

While the message was sensible and was aimed to make it easier for people to let go off issues that might be bringing them down, his Twitch chat was instead focussed on trolling him. Multiple users suggested him to google the word “Sugondese.”

While the term itself is not obscene, it forms part of a popular joke that relates to the male genitalia. As one would expect, it took Dr. K. quite a bit of time to realize what was happening. He googled the term, realized what was happening, and then burst into laughter.


Moreover, this was not the first time Dr. K. has been “jebaited,” as recently, a viewer had admitted to posting a fake Reddit post in order to feature on his stream. As can be seen in the video above, Dr. K. appeared quite awkward when the masked viewer admitted to having lied about his situation.

Image via HealthyGamerGG, Twitch
Image via HealthyGamerGG, Twitch

This time around, Dr K. was calm, and found his Twitch chat hilarious. He even ended up using the situation, as can be seen below.

“Case in point okay? Does that make me a failure, or does it mean, that I just got jebaited again? Right? Did I get jebaited, or am I a jebaited-or?”
Published 18 Dec 2020, 00:04 IST
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