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PUBG: 5 pro tips for beginners

Nirvana Guha
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PlayersUnknown's Battleground (PUBG) has taken the gaming world by storm. The famous computer game has been recently launched as a mobile game and since then the popularity of this game has gone sky-high.

PUBG is a survival game where you will be accompanied by 99 gamers online in a plane which will drop you on an island along with the rest of the gamers. The last person to survive will win. Sounds simple right? Let me assure you that there is certainly a lot more to it. This is a multiplayer game and you can play with your buddies. There are 3 options – Solo (single player), Duo (two players), and Squad (4 players).

Firstly, you need to get down from the plane with the help of a parachute and search for essential tools like guns, helmets, and health kits to prepare yourself for the journey. Eventually, a player gets 5 minutes to equip themselves and then the play zone begins to shrink and it would keep on shrinking throughout the game, making the play zone smaller and smaller.

Here, are 5 pro tips for you to win the prestigious dinner:

#1 Where to drop

Mastering the drop is one of the bare essentials for winning in this game
Mastering the drop is one of the bare essentials for excelling in this game

You will fly with other players in the game and you need to decide where to land. Places like Pochinki, Military Base, Mylta Power, and School are the potential hotspots which regularly spawn the best guns and scopes. However, there is stiff competition and you will find lots of people accompanying you and so your chances of survival become slim.

So, it is better to avoid these places during the initial phases of the game. Try places like Georgopool or Quarry; here you can take your time and believe me you can find essential items here too.

When it comes to landing, always keep a tab on the number of people on board to have a clearer idea of avoiding the mass. Also, make sure that you use your marker to mark the area where you are willing to land and jump when the distance count is the lowest. One amateur mistake that people tend to do is that they open their parachute early. Don’t do that try to cover as much distance possible without opening the parachute as it slows you down. 

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Nirvana Guha
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