PUBG Map: Best Looting spots in Erangel


Player Unkown Battlegrounds is one of the most played games of the year. The title which was released back in 2016 has been a staple in the market now. Since 2016, the game has been released on several platforms now. The game was initially released back in 2016 for PC followed by console.

Early this year, Tencent released PUBG Mobile and is topping charts since then. The game has reached 100 million downloads in a span of just four months whereas games usually take six months to four years to reach such a feat. This astonishing success has led to PUBG in releasing another mobile version of the game for lower-end phones. The game is called PUBG Lite which is released in Philipines as of now and will hit the global market after some testing.

The game recently left the beta phase on Xbox bringing a whole lot of changes with it. The game will introduce patch 1.0 which also includes the new map Sanhok! The game is also partnering with Microsft to release a PUBG themed controller which is up for pre-orders.

Currently, PUBG Mobile has four maps, Erangel, Miramar Sanhok and Vikendi. Erangel was the first map to be introduced in PUBG. To survive and get the title of "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" it is critical to know all the loot spots and try to land in one of them so that you get the best of guns, armoury and every other attachment you might need to excel.

Keeping this in mind, let us have a look at some of the basic loot places which could help you get a good grasp of the game:

Georgopol Crates:


This is a good spot if you are looking for a perfect loot. Chances of you finding everything you need is very high. The place has generally sufficient loot for a squad. However, the crates are all spread over the spot and landing on this spot can be risky.

Mylta Power:

Mylta Power

Just like Military base, this place is on the extreme end of the map and you'll need a little luck if you want to get on this place as the zone is usually not on this place. This place is good enough for a whole squad. You can find the major loot in the big green building and remaining on the sheds near it.

Military Base:

Military Base

The spot is usually filled with all the best goodies. You can usually find Level 3 stuff around the place along with good guns. This place is on the extreme edge which can be a little risky sometimes as the place is usually out of the end playing zone. There are usually vehicles around the place.



Similar to Geogepool, crates are spread over the place. You can find tons of loots around the map. There are some big and small sheds as well for extra loot. These places are however always risky as they are center of attraction. This place is also on the extreme edge and it is always advised to keep a vehicle handy when you go for this location.

School, Hospital, and Prison


You can find decent loot in these places which are usually enough for a squad. You don't have to search for too long here as there is only one major structure here with some small structures around the prison.

Major Cities (Primorsk, Severny, Pochinki, Rozhok and Yasnaya Polyana)


They all have plenty of buildings and apartments where you can get a good loot. The problem, however, is that you have to often search for a long period and clear each house to get optimal loot which can be a little annoying. This can also lead to your death as players can usually cramp these places and it's hard to pinpoint an enemy here.

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